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Can you arrange meals in Beijing for vegetarian travelers

Yes, many Chinese are also veterinarians and the vegetarian food can be easily found in Beijing. Chinese vegetarian food, made of fresh vegetables, mushrooms, taro, tofu and so on, is mainly divided into three groups: monastery vegetarian food, court vegetarian food and folk vegetarian food.
It is easily to find the vegetarian restaurants in Beijing. You should inform your travel advisor in advance so they can arrange satisfied vegetarian meals when you come to Beijing.
You should pay attention that if your itinerary including meals on trains or buses, you would be best to bring your own fruit, biscuits or vegetarian instant noodles to have on the train. (Hot water is available in large thermoses and is constantly refilled by attendants.)
You can hop off the trains during longer stops and acquire various vegetarian munchies such as peanuts, packaged and spiced preserved tofu (but be careful,  some flavoured tofu packs contain meat flavouring), biscuits, etc.

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