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Tips on Hotel Room Service

  • Electricity
Electricity provided in the hotels is 220 and 110 in voltage, and bathrooms in many medium and posh hotels are equipped with variable-voltage sockets for saving and drying.

  • Newspapers & Magazines
Many hotels provide, free of charge, “China Daily” and “Beijing Review” in foreign language and other foreign language introduction materials.
Tourists can buy foreign language magazines or tourist guide maps in foreign language bookstores or some Xinhua Bookstores. Most hotels furnish TV programs in English and Japanese through the satellite repay service. The CCTV and some local TV stations provide English news programs and other foreign language programs. CCTV-4 and CCTV-9 are 24 hours International channels provided by China Center Television.

  • Clinics
Some large guesthouses and hotels in Beijing have established clinics to provide tourists with medical, health protection and massage services. If you suddenly feel indisposed during your sightseeing, you can directly call the emergency room of the hospital or ask your guide to quickly arrange you to see the doctor.

  • Check-in & check-out time
For all hotels, hotel check-in time is generally 14:00 and check-out time is usually 12:00. An early check-in is possible if you or your travel agency could negotiate this situation with the hotel stuff. And later check-out can be arranged, but an extra charge (typically half of the daily room rate) may be required. 

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